Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Larger version of prior painting

I did a larger, 8"x24" version of an earlier sketch painting (4"x12") of Kahaluu Beach in Kona. Went on site to do most of it and added touches in the studio. I'm trying to paint nice and loose but when I go larger, I get a lot of detail in.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Latest Kona Work

Catching up on posting some recent work. Top two are 11x14 size on stretched canvas. Top one is a scene of Kona Town at night under a full moon and interesting clouds along the hill tops. This is from a pier across the bay from town and I worked from a photo I took.

Next is Honokohau Harbor Park which is a heritage site with old rock barriers and fish ponds and the canoe hut I organized the painting around. This was mainly done on site as I added a device to my paint box to allow me to use larger canvas, up to 12 inches tall, versus the normal 8x10 that fit inside the box. Downside is I need to haul larger stuff back and forth from the car to the painting locations so I won't do this everywhere.  

Last is an 8x10 I did as a demo painting outside the Kahuli Theatre In Waimea where we had a plain air art show this month. The mountain in the distance is Mauna Kea where there are many observatories so I included two tiny dabs on top to represent those. This was the view from in front of the theater where I had to huddle to avoid the wind. The sun kept moving, the wind kept increasing, and the clouds in the distance kept changing so was a challenge. Might need to do a better one from one of the reference photos I took that day.