Thursday, December 22, 2016

Catching up on landscape posts

Been painting but needed to catch up on the posting online. Also, set a new year's resolution to work with thicker brush strokes and looser so a couple of those are here too. top two are Manini Beach, an 8x10 onsite, then a 14x20 in the studio, shown in that order.

Next are two scenes of boats in Honokohau Harbor. One is 5x7, next one is 8x10. These are where I tried to really force the brush strokes to be thicker and show more. 

Last is another small 5x7 where I show Mauna Kea in with clouds. This doesn't have the thick strokes because this scene needed the depth so only bold strokes in the front and then I needed to fade the background. Each scene chooses it's own style to make it work.