Saturday, September 28, 2013

Maui Paintings

Returned from a great hot week in Maui. Did a couple of 8x10's on a canvas pad, a great way to do travel paintings and save space in the suitcase. The top one is a view back to the beaches from upcountry, in the town of Kula, where we visited a lavendar farm. Below is a view from Paia, looking up toward the volcano and upcountry. I did several 5x7's too but will show these later as they need a few touchups from the travel wear and tear. Both the below are done in the looser style I'm working on. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Marymoor Park Mill

Our EAFA painting group worked at Marymoor Park, east of Seattle, Wednesday. I did an 8x10 on site, then did another 8x10 looser painting from the photos I took, while the scenes were fresh in my mind. Here are the two works. I'm leaning toward the looser style but like the results on both. It's a three bladed windmill, by the way. Bottom painting incorporates the slough that runs through the park.  


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Outdoor work continues

The top painting is a 16x20 landscape of the Snoqualmie River. Feeling a need once a week or so to challenge myself on a larger work after a summer of smaller paintings. I've entered this in the next EAFA show and will see what happens. 

Next are two 6x8's of flowers at Fall City Farms. i did the top one on site, the second I began on site and finished at home. I wasn't happy with the composition of the top one and wanted to remove some of the detail yet keep the colors.

Second from the bottom is an 8x10 view at the same farm where I feel I got in some good detail and also nice lavender colors in the field. The last work is a small one again, 5x7, from my Lake Joy photos as I do love waterlilies and could paint them forever.  


Friday, September 6, 2013

Latest Plein Air work

Have been outdoors at Fall City, and the UW Horticultural Center, for the past two sessions of the Evergreen Assoc. of Fine Arts Plein Air painting group. Weather is starting to change to fall here in Seattle so it's getting a little cloudier but we lucked out and didn't rain on us the past two Wednesdays outside.

The first work is 6x12, painted after I got home as the on-site work didn't satisfy me but the fog in the mountains behind the farm where we painting at Fall City fascinated me. 

The second work is an 8x10 painted at the horticultural center where I emphasized the water lilies at the shore's edge. This is the view looking north from the water's edge. It's a great viewpoint and I did several works last year facing west and south.