Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hualaloa Church Scene

When we paint away from the beaches, I like to try out scenes with buildings.There are many old store buildings and churches to choose from. For this one I set up across the street from an old church and painted from the shoulder of the road as cars whizzed by on the highway, a two land road. At times someone driving from behind me could see the painting coming along and would make a favorable comment. Nothing like drive-by critiques. LOL. I like to put in the roads to give a feel of the modern road against the old buildings.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

New work around Kona

Have been painting locally on Fridays so lots of rocks and water. Here a few of the latest works. All are 8x10 and painted on site.

-The top work is another City of Refuge scene looking across the bay. 
-Next is the rock wall in the distance at Kaloko Ponds, a fish pond damaged by the Tsunami a few years ago, which is under repair now.
-Third down is a rock formation at Magic Sands Beach, a historic remnant.
-Last is a footpath and trees across from the Keauhou Store. I had painted three versions of the store for a fundraiser for restoration of their flagpole, and sold two of the