Sunday, May 13, 2012

Green and Blue studies

Here are two studies of the same scene. In one I used the analogous colors of green and yellow, in the other I used more green and blue. Both give off their own feeling of light, warm and cool. The same scene can be approached from many angles and a decision needs to be made which direction to take. These studies help when outdoors to capture the right light with the correct color scheme. This is a view toward Lake Washington in the distance, while heading east on 75th Street, going downhill.


Friday, May 11, 2012

New studies

Had trouble with the blogger site for a while but finally straightened it out so can post again. 

Here are some analogous color studies. These are colors close to each other on the red-yellow-blue color wheel. These are the primary colors. Secondary are the orange-green-violet colors that are made from mixing the primaries. The red and yellow studies are very tight on the color wheel, almost a single color hue with just various values, or light and dark.The blue-green studies have slightly more variation. These are all scenes from a small river running through Cottonwood, Arizona. The goal here was also to find a strong light versus dark composition.