Friday, June 19, 2015

Now living on the Big Island of Hawaii

A long break since writing last, during which we bought a home on the Big Island of Hawaii, sold our Seattle home, and moved our two kitties and a container of property to our new home. Almost have my studio set up to paint again and should be able to post local scenes soon. Found out that many products I need, like some base cabinets for the studio, are not easily available in Hawaii so it's been a challenge. Also, working with contractors to do some work on the house is a chore as it's a 50-50 chance you end up with someone who shows up on  time and does the work. Many so far have been great but many are also on "Hawaii time" meaning they'll get around to it when they do. For someone whose word is his bond, it's been interesting. Hoping that by about the 4th of July Holiday I'll be set up and productive at something besides house chores and moving boxes. LOL. 

Just applied for a Hawaii business license as an artist again effective August 1st so watch out Big Island, there's competition in the wings.