Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two very different works

Painted outdoors at the Old Airport Park and faced inland (mauka or uphill). This park has a nature trail with many plants maintained by volunteers and also a refuge for homeless cats, mongoose, and chickens. Here is a view where a rooster posed just for me. LOL.

I also had a request to do a larger abstract, emphasizing pink, yellow, and blue. I started out with more organic shapes but as I worked I moved more toward somewhat geometric shapes. I'm liking the movement in this work and if the requester doesn't like it, I'll do another one and keep this in my inventory. This is 24x36 inches.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Small work this week

Been tied up sightseeing with visitors so decided to do a small plein air this week with my group as wanted a work to finish in one session. This is 4x12 inches and came out well I think. This is the last of my small canvasses this size but I might stretch some more smaller ones as they are a fun format.This is a view of Kahaluu Beach, the south side. I've usually sat at the side and painted in the north facing direction so this was a reverse direction. The rest of our group was painting from in front of the pink house on the right.