Friday, August 28, 2015

Today's work, before the rain arrived

Had our regular Friday morning plein air group outing, at Keauhou Bay, and I caught the rain clouds before they arrived, way in the distance. While the paint set up to do the next stages, got in two swims in the bay as the morning was sunny and hot. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Recent Hawaii work

Catching up on computer work so have more recent images of work to post. All these are in the Kona area, at local parks and beaches.  

The top is the Norwegian Cruise ship that shows up weekly, and below that is the Keauhou Store in another version. Third is an area with fish ponds, hence the wall like structure on the right. Next to last is a view upcountry, turning away from the beach, from the Old Airport Beach park area. 

New Hawaii work

Still getting settled and although I'm painting regularly, haven't had time to post new photos. Here are several works done recently, of local scenes. The local plein air, or outdoor painting, group meets every Friday morning at beaches and other local venues so I'm getting to see a lot of new places to paint, and swim. Top scene is a famous Keauhou Store which is a landmark near Kona. I've done 3 versions of this as the store wants to market some images of itself. The others are various local beaches in two styles, with the middle one being palette knife. Will edit and post some more soon. Have a nice work of the weekly cruise ship visit as part of these. I'm getting pretty good at painting the volcanic rocks as this young island has a rim of these most of the way around the edge. Scenic but difficult to swim from the rocks. Another million years or so and there will be a lot more erosion and sand beaches. LOL.