Saturday, November 24, 2018

Recent work

Did some traveling to the mainland so didn't post for a while. Am back to my outdoor painting, just as most of the country cools off. Was 33 degrees while out racewalking during my trip for my mom's memorial there. Glad to be back in Hawaii in shorts and tank tops. 

Both paintings are my usual outdoor 8x10 format. Top is the view from beach 69, north of here, where, thanks to the volcanic gas stopping, Maui shines brightly in the distance. Hadn't seen Maui during the summer but now it's very clear and can be seen from north Kona. 

Below is my most recent work, from Manini Beach, looking into the homes on the bay. They sit at the base of Pali Kapu o Keoua, a hill dominating the bay. I have a lot of colorful and loose brushstrokes, especially in the lava rock and water. Click on the image for a larger view.