Saturday, January 26, 2019

Two new paintings at Hookena

Our group painted at Hookena Beach yesterday on a nice sunny day. First view was a close in scene of an old pier that has since deteriorated to a few rocks. I wanted to capture the waves and water around the rocks. Then I looked in the distance for the more normal but great view of the water and mountains looking south. Both are 8x10.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Some small works

Working on some small works, a few for the gallery, and a few to test out some ideas for large paintings. First the small ones, 4x6 and 3x3 landscapes. I have small frames available to by doing the small works, I can have some lower priced items for Blue Sea Artisans gallery to display. I'm basing these on larger works I did previously.

Below are two 4x6 inch sketches for some possible larger almost abstract Kona landscapes where I show sky, water, rocks, sand, and waves in a vertical format. Keep an eye out for future posts of later results.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

New year, new work

Had visitors over Christmas so just back to normal life and painting. Got to see the newer larger crater at Volanoes National Park. Impressive but no paintings of it yet. 

Here are two local views from our normal locations. I've also just published a small book of paintings of Hawaii scenes, "Painting West Hawaii, available on Over 50 images of paintings done in the past three years here.

Top image is an 8x10 at Beach 69, north of Kona. Always scenic no matter which direction you face. This is facing south from the north end of the beach. Below that is another Beach 69 scene, but in tiny 3x3 inch size. I've sold a couple of these at the Blue Sea Artisan's Gallery where I am now a member so will continue to do small works for there.    

Scene below is an 8x10 from Pahoehoe Park, just minutes from my  home. This is the view across the bay north toward Kona town.