Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outdoors at Green Lake

Had a picnic and then an outdoor painting session in the evening. Nice time except for the bugs. All my equipment worked well in preparation for a painting group I will be joining in August to paint outside in Seattle's parks. August is the best bet for some decent weather here.

The painting is 8x10 and is complete with a few touchups indoors. One issue is outside, even in the shade, the brightness level is high which tends to make you paint a little too low key. Have to adjust but that is why I want to get a few sessions in before I join the group.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Spokane River painting

I've had out of town visitors so doing more photography than painting. Finally finished this image of downtown Spokane, Washington. Did an earlier version and didn't like it and still had a lot of trouble with it but finally brought it to a reasonably satisfactory solution. It's 16x20. Th scene is the falls which run through town as the river comes into a power plant.

Have enrolled in an outdoor painting group for August, the best bet for good weather here in Seattle, so hoping to produce some good studies on-site and then turn these into some nice larger works in the studio.