Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oregon Coast Landscape

Continuing to work on landscapes in palette knife technique. This one needs a few final touchups but too wet to work on it any more tonight.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New landscape

Have spent the past month on some other projects, including going through 16 years of art magazines to save only the articles I want. Have them in folders to use finally. Also did a custom mirror project, a left over from my art fair.

Now back to my palette knife painting from some of my old references. This is a 16x20 oil from a photo I took from a ferry boat in the San Juan Islands. It's a facade of trees and a little of the water.

Also set my 2010 goals which include much more art reading to keep me motivated. Spent 2009 not pushing as hard on the art as was waiting for my part-time job to end but now it's permanent so need to use my evenings and 4 day weekends to crank up the work again. Always have way more ideas than time so no problem keeping busy.

Next weekend go through my old issues of Art Calendar to pull out articles I want to save. Part of my year end clean up to enter the new decade lean and mean in my studio.