Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two new paintings

I'm slowing down from my daily paintings to tackle a few other ideas that are taking a little longer. Top one is an 8x24 oil from a scene in Seattle's Magnuson Park, that I've done a few smaller versions of and wanted to paint a little larger scene. Second is a very abstract, 8x8, thickly painted with a palette knife, scene of south Seattle from a high rise building, showing our two stadiums on the left and a twisting highway 99 on the right. I wanted to loosen up a little again and this is about as loose as a landscape can be. I also like the monotone look at times where the colors are subtle grays. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Through number 101 of daily paintings

Now that I've reached over 100 daily paintings, in 107 days, I think it's time to slow down and go back to some larger work. Here are the two latest works, both from Arizona. The landscape and colors are so different from my home of Seattle that I like the diversity now and then. The top one is a view of the Grand Canyon, and is 8x10. The smaller is a creek with orange reeds, and 6x8. Of course, I'm working on an  8x8 now so still not larger, but I like the square format so will do a few of these next from some images I've put into this format but didn't have the right shape canvas.      


Monday, March 11, 2013

Almost to 100

Just completed daily painting number 99, in 105 days. Will evaluate at number 100 and probably move on to larger work indoors again to take advantage of the learning experiences. Did purchase more small panels for outdoor painting as the weather should be improving soon here in Seattle. Here are several of the most recent works. 

The top most is my favorite place, Green Lake, 6x8, showing a kayaker in front of Duck Island, recently the home of a huge eagle, who perches at the top of the island, the ruler of all he sees.
Next are the tulip  fields north of  Seattle, that I seem to paint several times a year. This one is 5x7. The boats are in the harbor of Charleston, SC, and 5x7. In a work this size you can only hint at the details, and I think this worked well here. 
The snow scene is in Washington's many mountains and at 8x10, the largest I have been working at lately. This is from an image graciously provided by a friend who is a hiker and climber, and doesn't mind the cold up there. 
Last is a 6x8 sun lit path in Seattle's Kubota Gardens, where I painted last summer.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Daily paintings up to #91

Have been continuing my daily paintings except for a couple of travel days again so am up to number 91 in 95 days. Have a variety of locations painted recently so will post a few highlights today. The top one, a 6x8, is vineyards in California, near Palm Springs during a trip there last spring. Next is an 8x10 Seattle street scene, above Lake Washington. 3rd down is a 6x8 of my favorite place, Green Lake, an evening scene at dusk. Last is a 6x8 scene from Seattle's Magnuson Park from last summer.