Monday, January 26, 2009

New Arizona Scene

Here is a 9x12 oil using mainly palette knife. Still working part time so haven't gotten organized to paint as much plus had a family trip for a week where was too busy to do much. I know, excuses, excuses. Also went a little nuts converting my music collection to mp3 for a new tiny player my wife bought for me for my birthday. Use it at work while creating curriculum at my desk. Have converted and loaded 416 of my favorite songs now. Bought a few online to supplement the collection plus bought speakers to play them off my computer as my little stereo in my studio doesn't play the mp3 format. I have mainly mellow songs that are great background music for when I paint so I guess I can call this preparatory work?
The palette knife technique works well for rocky scenes like this because it matches the texture of the landscape. Have to remember to adjust my technique to the scene but liking more and more the thick textures of the knife painting.
Haven't done much with wax lately as it requires ventilation and it's too cold to be blowing all the warm air from the house outside. Hoping it warms by March so can do some of the same scenes in wax for comparison. Wax also provides the texture I love and works well for scenes such as this one, titled "Canyon".

Friday, January 9, 2009

More snow scenes

I have completed a few more snow scenes from our recent storm. Now there is flooding throughout our corner of the world as it warmed with rain to melt the snow. And it's only early January. Hope the rest of the winter calms down.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Scene

I have been working again part time in curriculum design so put my painting on the back burner for a few weeks. It also snowed heavily in Seattle so I have some snow scenes to paint from. Here is the first for now. It's Green Lake as usual, but very different from the greens I usually paint. This is 9x12.