Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Catching up after travel

Went to NC for a family visit and did some 6x8 inch paintings there from Hawaii references, plus also have a few other recent new works to post. 

Top image is an 11x14 from Beach 69 north of Kona. I'm now often putting figures in to show the scale of the volcanic rock on the island. 

Below is Honl's beach in Kona, looking north to town. I also included the small figure top right to get the scale correct in this 8x10 work.

Manini Beach is south of Kona. This view looks back to the end of the bay. Not my favorite work but some of the outdoor works are only partially successful. This is 12x20 and I got off on the proportions at first and tried to save it. 

These next four are 6x8's done during my trip. They are beach 69 again, then the waterfall at the Hilo botanical garden. I had wanted to do a view of Kona from the mountainside so did this small one for practice. Bottom is a cloudy view of Honokohau Harbor beach. I like the small works as often do more challenging scenes, plus I have some nice frames this size for successful works.