Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New grid abstract painting

I've been busy with my EAFA art group duties as president but did complete a 4 foot by 5 foot work shown below. A photo doesn't do it justice as it looks like a pixelated image that needs better resolution. This was an old painting that was part of a group painting project for fun, and had various colored abstract shapes all over it. Rather than throw it out or just gesso over it, I decided to repurpose it and reuse it. 

I had done some grid projects in the past so I divided the canvas into 1 inch squares, 2880 of them, and then filled in many squares but left the underlying textures, and some underlying colors, and also the black and white pencil lines of the grids. The squares filled in are not perfect as they look in this small image but rather have a "rough" feel to them that adds variety to the surface as the colors underneath often show through. It must be seen in person to be appreciated and I hope to show it at the Seattle Design Center abstract show starting in late February. Will post details at that time.