Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Larger version of prior painting

I did a larger, 8"x24" version of an earlier sketch painting (4"x12") of Kahaluu Beach in Kona. Went on site to do most of it and added touches in the studio. I'm trying to paint nice and loose but when I go larger, I get a lot of detail in.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Latest Kona Work

Catching up on posting some recent work. Top two are 11x14 size on stretched canvas. Top one is a scene of Kona Town at night under a full moon and interesting clouds along the hill tops. This is from a pier across the bay from town and I worked from a photo I took.

Next is Honokohau Harbor Park which is a heritage site with old rock barriers and fish ponds and the canoe hut I organized the painting around. This was mainly done on site as I added a device to my paint box to allow me to use larger canvas, up to 12 inches tall, versus the normal 8x10 that fit inside the box. Downside is I need to haul larger stuff back and forth from the car to the painting locations so I won't do this everywhere.  

Last is an 8x10 I did as a demo painting outside the Kahuli Theatre In Waimea where we had a plain air art show this month. The mountain in the distance is Mauna Kea where there are many observatories so I included two tiny dabs on top to represent those. This was the view from in front of the theater where I had to huddle to avoid the wind. The sun kept moving, the wind kept increasing, and the clouds in the distance kept changing so was a challenge. Might need to do a better one from one of the reference photos I took that day.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another version of Kahaluu Beach area

I liked my prior 8x10 at this location so did a 4"x12" study that I may turn into a larger work. At the left is St. Peter's Catholic Church, with room for about 20 people. It's right on the water and I'll have to look up the history as know it is quite old and definitely tiny.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Latest Plein Air and more

Here's an update on my paintings done recently. Top one is a local beach where I turned toward the hills to catch the edge of clouds coming off them. Just doing beaches and palm trees gets old so I look for new angles from the beaches 

Below that is an 11x14 sunset from Kona town. Again, a change of pace. 

Bottom two are two of the beautiful beach views I love to paint. Both are 8x10, my standard outdoor size.     

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last week's work

Here are two 8x10's, and an 11x14 finished this past week.First two are from Manini Beach, one a view across the bay and another one of a beautiful tree, a subject I don't usually choose but was helping another artist and she chose that to try to paint. It was a challenge as the decision what to put around the tree is the difficult one. I added the bay which was out of the picture field but was needed. 

The larger work is an old building in Hualaloa village near me. I'm trying to do more architecture at times so liked this building. I feel I didn't get enough light and dark contrast as it was mid-day and the sun did not create any good shadows.Will need to return in the evening or morning to see if it's better but the sun will be coming from in front and or behind, versus the nice side angle which would create the best shadows. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plein Air Hawaii updates

A few more works from my trips with the local plein air painting group. It's been raining evenings and afternoons at times, but mornings when we go out to paint always brings great weather. A couple of times I've taken advantage of our locations at a beach to take a nice swim while waiting for the paint to set up to continue on the work. Best of both worlds. 

These are 8x10 except for the bottom one where I found some 4x12 stretched canvas on sale so will do a few panoramic views. You can note that most beaches have a lot of volcanic rocks as Hawaii (the Big Island) is a young island. Might be another half-million years or so before it all weathers down to sandy beaches.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Today's work, before the rain arrived

Had our regular Friday morning plein air group outing, at Keauhou Bay, and I caught the rain clouds before they arrived, way in the distance. While the paint set up to do the next stages, got in two swims in the bay as the morning was sunny and hot. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Recent Hawaii work

Catching up on computer work so have more recent images of work to post. All these are in the Kona area, at local parks and beaches.  

The top is the Norwegian Cruise ship that shows up weekly, and below that is the Keauhou Store in another version. Third is an area with fish ponds, hence the wall like structure on the right. Next to last is a view upcountry, turning away from the beach, from the Old Airport Beach park area. 

New Hawaii work

Still getting settled and although I'm painting regularly, haven't had time to post new photos. Here are several works done recently, of local scenes. The local plein air, or outdoor painting, group meets every Friday morning at beaches and other local venues so I'm getting to see a lot of new places to paint, and swim. Top scene is a famous Keauhou Store which is a landmark near Kona. I've done 3 versions of this as the store wants to market some images of itself. The others are various local beaches in two styles, with the middle one being palette knife. Will edit and post some more soon. Have a nice work of the weekly cruise ship visit as part of these. I'm getting pretty good at painting the volcanic rocks as this young island has a rim of these most of the way around the edge. Scenic but difficult to swim from the rocks. Another million years or so and there will be a lot more erosion and sand beaches. LOL.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Now living on the Big Island of Hawaii

A long break since writing last, during which we bought a home on the Big Island of Hawaii, sold our Seattle home, and moved our two kitties and a container of property to our new home. Almost have my studio set up to paint again and should be able to post local scenes soon. Found out that many products I need, like some base cabinets for the studio, are not easily available in Hawaii so it's been a challenge. Also, working with contractors to do some work on the house is a chore as it's a 50-50 chance you end up with someone who shows up on  time and does the work. Many so far have been great but many are also on "Hawaii time" meaning they'll get around to it when they do. For someone whose word is his bond, it's been interesting. Hoping that by about the 4th of July Holiday I'll be set up and productive at something besides house chores and moving boxes. LOL. 

Just applied for a Hawaii business license as an artist again effective August 1st so watch out Big Island, there's competition in the wings.       

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More Hawaii works

I've done a few more palette knife Hawaii paintings from old images. These are 8x10, 6x8, and 5x7 in order from top to bottom. Can't wait to go there again and paint on site in the sun. The bottom one is another version in a different color scheme of the lone palm tree.