Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Kahaluu South

One of our favorite painting spots, Kahaluu Beach. This is an avid snorkling spot although without tourists it's very quiet. Tours would usually bring tourists here so made it very busy. Now our group of about 16 painters was the majority. I painted this view south from the side of the small church at the north end of the bay. Had done a small work from here earlier, a 4x16 and now did a 9x26 to keep the panoramic look. This is three times the square area of my usual 8x10 so took a solid three hours to get it looking good plus touchups at home. I like painting larger on site but takes the first two hours of blocking in to get it looking like anything and finally the third hour it starts to come together. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Two 8x10's outdoors

Regular painting again, with about a dozen painters outside. We are now doing critiques again although not standing too close and some wearing masks. Outdoor exposure to the virus is minimal and we have had no new cases on the Big Island in almost two weeks. So  far so good.

The top painting shows our beaches open again and folks enjoying the water, although no large gatherings. This is Pines Trees just north of Kona.

Below is Honl's Beach right in town.There were nice waves so I put in a few surfers. I only had a large brush but they came out OK even at the tiny size. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Back outdoors

Our outdoor painting was suspended since March due to the coronvirus restrictions. We've been meeting outdoors again, minus our group critique sessions. Top is an 8x10 of the clouds above Kona from Old Airport Park. 

Below is the Keiki Pond at the Energy Lab beach and is 9x22. Strong waves that day.