Friday, June 15, 2018

Two different landscapes

Working on color and brush strokes so did one work in the studio, and one plein air outdoors today at Honokohau Harbor park. Top one is 8x10 at the harbor. Below is also 8x10 but vertical scene of a northwest river. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

New colorful landscapes

Spent the week again pushing the colors in landscapes. Top one is 8x10 of a view south from Beach 69 near Hapuna. This is the third I've done from this view and I tried to make it more colorful, including dots of color at the end that you can see in the trees and on the beach. 

Next is this week's plein air at Waikola area Beach (Anaehoomalu Bay). It's also 8x10 and has more hints of people than I've ever included before. Also had to deal with a row of palm trees with condos behind them. Resulted in what someone called confetti and I'm happy with that term. 

Bottom is a 6x8 of a cove north of Hapuna Beach.   

Friday, June 1, 2018

Two smaller works

I've been trying to push my colors more lately. Read a nice book last week, "Oil Painting-The Workshop Experience," by Ted Goerschner. Ted went to art school in Newark, NJ, in the same building where I went to Arts High School, and does some really nice colorful and loose landscapes as well as florals. 

These are both 6x8 and I'm happy with the looseness and the colors although focal point on top one is distracted somewhat by the colorful foreground. Might do another version and fix this. Top is view from Old Airport Park and below is Honokohau Harbor Park.