Monday, May 30, 2016

All sizes and shapes

Here are a few works done recently. These are square, long rectangle, and normal rectangle. I had a 12x12 frame so cut a board to fit but then had a 4x12 leftover piece so did a small oil sketch on that. Also painted over some older work I didn't like at 9x12, and 5x7, so 4 works, all a different size. Nothing like variety.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Today's outdoor painting

Worked a little larger again today at 11x14 and put a lot of detail into this one although still tried to keep it loose. This is Keauhou Bay near us and one of my favorite spots for a dip. Had dramatic clouds early on so put them into the sky before they blew away. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tiny biker

A friend of mine is an avid biker and posts photos of his adventures. I needed a break from sand and surf and sun so did a small painting of a lone biker among the Oregon haystack rocks and wide beaches. This is 5x7 so the biker is really small. LOL.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

New pointillist work

Here is a larger work than my recent plein air small pieces, done in the studio. I had an old 16x20 canvas stretched that had some lines of paint which still showed through when I gessoed over them so knew I had to paint thick to hide these lines. My first try at my normal style was OK but the lines still bothered me in spots, plus the painting lacked life. I decided to paint over it with a pointillist style borrowed from the 1880's French artists like Pisarro and Seurat, using small dots of paint all over. I may need to darken the dark areas a little but I like how it's coming so far. 

This view is from the waterfront behind the Kona Inn downtown, looking north toward the extensive rockwalls there. 


Floral Scene

It was a cloudy day in Kona Friday so I turned away from the water and toward the greenery. Had just seen the movie "Painting the Garden - Monet to Matisse" and reminded me of the tulip fields and gardens I had painted in the Northwest so was time for another type of scene here. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two new Kona Paintings

We painted at the Honokohau Harbor last week and I did a larger 11x14 work, then came home and did an 8x9 from my photos, over an older painting. Here are the two results below. I'm pretty happy with both of these especially the smaller one where I get extra texture by painting over an old painting. I kept a good part of the sky, and some colorful foliage across the center but added the palm trees,ceremonial canoe hut, and foreground, at this national park site. Not sure about the colors in that foreground but will reflect on this for a while before I make any changes.