Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Hawaii paintings

Since it's December, what better time to post a few new Hawaii paintings and dream of beaches and palm trees. I'm planning on moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2015 so pulled out a few of my photos to work from. I was also the demo artist at a recent Evergreen Association of Fine Arts gallery reception, and of course, for the second time in a year, forgot my brushes. So, I had to resort to my palette knife which turned out to work great for bright beach scenes. I've often done palette knife paintings in the past so about time to refresh my technique. Here are the results after a few touchups back home. I've also included small palm tree work done with brushes, just for variety. You can really see the texture in the two palette knife works. 

The top two are 8x10, the palm tree is 5x7.