Thursday, January 25, 2018

Kekaha Kai State Park

 Also known as Magoon's Beach, this park is one of our favorite places to paint. The "bad road" entry has been paved in parts and smoothed down so the 1.5 miles only takes about 10 minutes to drive now versus 15 before. That's Hawaii progress. Don't expect water or showers but many folks do come here to swim, and while we were there a large monk seal took a nap on the sand. I debated adding people to this 11x14 painting but for now I'll let it rest. I've continued my larger work and have a couple of more 11x14's stretched to use over the next few weeks. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hualalai Volcano

We were painting at Old Airport Park so I turned inland from the point of the beach to capture a clear but misty Hualalai volcano. This is 16x20 as am now working with my larger easel/paintbox to use some of the stretched canvas I have around. I have the canvas and matching sized frames for many so decided I need to better match these up with new work. What do they say, "go big or go home".     

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Last few days at the beach

Top is an 18x18 from onsite at City of Refuge beach. I've done this scene several times so thought I'd try a larger one with the square format.  

Below that is a panoramic view of Magoon's Beach, where I had a frame 8x20 so cut a board to fit the frame.

Last is a small 6x8 of the Holei Sea Arch. I'd done a small acrylic of this last year and liked the scene so thought I'd tackle it in oil this time.