Saturday, November 23, 2019

Going Bigger

I have been doing mainly 8x10 this year as have a market for those at the Blue Sea Artisans Gallery in Keauhou, both framed and unframed. There is a plein air Hawaii show coming up early next year in Hilo so I primed a few 11x14 boards where I have some nice frames so I can enter these into the show. It is juried so you never know what will be selected. 

Below is the 11x14 I painted Friday at Hookena Beach. I had a smaller one of a similar view that sold to thought I'd try a larger one now. The cliff alongside the beach is dramatic and putting in a few figures and umbrellas helps show the scale. 


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Local Scenes

Nice weather out painting on Fridays with the Plein Air Group. Top is the Energy Lab beach with a great backdrop of Mauna Loa in the background. Ever since the volcano stopped erupting last year, the air has been clear and the mountain's lower slopes are now in the background almost every day. I really loaded up the texture in the foreground too. 

This scene is from Honl's Beach just south of downtown Kona. Although I've painted this many times I always enjoy coming back. Now that I'm selling some of these scenes at the Blue Sea Artisans gallery, I realize it's OK to paint similar ones as the old ones are now hanging in someone's home.