Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Maui paintings

Catching up on the blogging. Just took over at President of the Evergreen Association of Fine Arts here in northwest Washington and the tasks have been keeping me pretty busy. We have about 300 members, put on shows, have monthly meetings with artist's talks and demos, a public art program with many venues, do plein painting groups in the summer plus other activities. A busy group. 

These works below are 5x7's I did while on a recent trip to Maui. Will enjoy them all again as winter begins here in Seattle and will be missing the sun. I love doing these small "postcard" views in 5x7 and 6x8 sizes as I can capture the feel of the location quickly with a few loose strokes, then touch up what's "off" in my studio.  

Top item is the view toward Makena from Kihei area.
Next is the main intersection in Makawao, looking up toward the crater road.
Third is the view upcountry toward the crater from Kihei.
Last if the view from upcountry, in Kula, back down toward Kihei and the road to Lahaina.