Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Door Project

I have spent several days painting a mural on a pocket door. It is 6x3 feet in size and I painted it in acrylic. The design is a Van Gogh countryside painting with a few modifications. It was a fun project. It fits its place well as the walls of the kitchen are painted yellow.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Hawaii

I'm still working from some of my Hawaii photos. Here is a beach scene that is 9x12 inches. I also have another one in progress. This is painted mainly with a palette knife for the thick texture I want. By using the water soluble oil paints, I am able to get the texture and the painting also dries to the touch in a few days at most. This process encourages me because with normal oil paint, I'd have to wait many days to touch up thick paint whereas now I can finish a work within a week. The ablility to go from idea to completed work in a matter of days is a reason I took up the wax painting too. I guess I don't have the patience to wait weeks for paints to dry. When working wet into wet, I can just keep moving as the water soluble oils "set up" in a short time so I can blend without over mixing the colors together. I am more and more liking the idea, like the impressionists, of setting dabs of paint side by side and letting the eye do the blending.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Work

Have had a minor knee surgery and been working on the political campaign so not as much time for the art but here are a few recent works. One is a drawing from my life sessions. Paintings are an 8 x 10 inch nice thickly painted Hawaii Dunes, and a small 4 x 10 inch Green Lake Bathhouse Theater work, both done in oils.

Have also attended a few free art demonstrations at the local Daniel Smith art supply store. These are very motivating, especially since I find I know as much as the instructors about many issues, just need to keep at the work.