Saturday, August 3, 2019

Beachs, beaches, beaches

Beaches every week lately, a few new ones, so I tried to capture the essence of each of them. All are 8x10 done outdoors on our Friday Plein Air sessions. 

Top is a new beach for me, Pine Trees, north of Kona. Loads of tents and camping as you can see in the distance here. Not the greatest for swimming but has several pools for kids and surf for boogie boarding and surfing.  

Next is Keei beach area at a home we've painted from once before. The mountain that houses the Capt. Cook monument is also on this bay, to the left of what I painted. 

Last is a beach a mile from my house. This is Pahoehoe Park which has only this tiny beach but kids and boarders like it. I've put people in all these works to show what our parks and beaches are all about.