Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last week's work

Here are two 8x10's, and an 11x14 finished this past week.First two are from Manini Beach, one a view across the bay and another one of a beautiful tree, a subject I don't usually choose but was helping another artist and she chose that to try to paint. It was a challenge as the decision what to put around the tree is the difficult one. I added the bay which was out of the picture field but was needed. 

The larger work is an old building in Hualaloa village near me. I'm trying to do more architecture at times so liked this building. I feel I didn't get enough light and dark contrast as it was mid-day and the sun did not create any good shadows.Will need to return in the evening or morning to see if it's better but the sun will be coming from in front and or behind, versus the nice side angle which would create the best shadows. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plein Air Hawaii updates

A few more works from my trips with the local plein air painting group. It's been raining evenings and afternoons at times, but mornings when we go out to paint always brings great weather. A couple of times I've taken advantage of our locations at a beach to take a nice swim while waiting for the paint to set up to continue on the work. Best of both worlds. 

These are 8x10 except for the bottom one where I found some 4x12 stretched canvas on sale so will do a few panoramic views. You can note that most beaches have a lot of volcanic rocks as Hawaii (the Big Island) is a young island. Might be another half-million years or so before it all weathers down to sandy beaches.