Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Daily Painting

Have been working on some show entries for Puget Sound Group and also Eastside Association so not much new painting going on. To get back into the swing, and due to a long time fascination with the daily painting concept started a few years ago, I decided to try it. I have hundreds of landscape references from photos I took over the so decided to work on these, especially ones I hadn't done before. The works range from 4x6 to 6x8 inches and let me work on color and style. Here are some early samples. Views are Washington and Oregon scenes. The top is a 5x7 scene from the Oregon coast with driftwood in the foreground that I've always put aside but I feel I finally did a decent version of it. 
Next is one of a series of Oregon Haystack Rocks I've painted over the years, 4x6.
Third down is the dead end of my street, Sunnyside Ave. N. Once a car crashed through the trees at the center and ended up down on the street shown. This one is 6x8.
Last is a scene near Mt. Vernon Washington that I had done in a large version but I put more color in this small 5x7, and now need to rethink the larger version. It seems some paintings are never done.