Sunday, January 29, 2017

Latest Works

Been in the middle of buying a new home so missed a couple of weeks painting outdoors.

Here are the last few I've completed including past Friday's work.

Top work is 8x10 of figures on a beach. Have wanted to do this type of scene for practice. Might need a few touchups but feel for a first of this type with larger figures it's successful.

This is a view of Energy lab beach area, looking north toward the airport. I emphasized the  foreground and distant building and trees. Also 8x10.

This was Friday's work, also at  Energy Lab beach. If painting near the building, this lone tree is a great subject which I've painted several times now. Great clouds early I tried to capture before they blew away. 


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Newest landscape

Again facing away from the ocean and rocks. This is the Energy Lab beach area. I liked the broad expanse of sand facing north toward an outbuilding at the horizon. Tried to get a lot of texture in the foreground sand and grassy areas. This is 8x10 and I did a smaller 5x7 of this scene also with a more yellowish tint. Might need to adjust the horizon line to make it a little more level?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hualalai Mountain

Friday's  work, bottom, a distant view of Hualalai Mountain behind Kona from Pahoehoe Park on Ali'i Drive. Maybe next week I'll get back to water and rocks depending on the location we paint. This is my normal 8x10 outdoor size.

Also last Friday's work from Ali'i Drive, off Honl's Beach. I like putting roads into my work at times as it's what we see so often.