Sunday, May 19, 2024

Spring Work

 Latest beach paintings for viewing. The rectangular one 2nd down (10x20) was a studio work because I've sold all the scenes from Keleakakua Bay and we don't paint there anymore because parking is so limited. Rest are 8x10's, top to bottom: Hapuna Beach, Honokohau Harbor Beach, Honl's Beach, City of Refuge, Shark fin rock at old airport beach, and Keauhou Bay.  

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Busy busy but here is latest work

 Been busy running the art group and painting, reading, bowling league, home projects, framing paintings, gallery sitting, and family time, only have Thursdays and weekend free. Being retired is fun and at times I take on too many projects. LOL. Here are some works since last posting. Looking over two months work, I can say it sure is a variety of subjects although this style is mine now I guess.

Monday, January 22, 2024

January work

 Keeping busy in 2024. Top is an 8x10 of the path off the Waikoloa resort area beach. Below is another 8x10 on a big wave day at Pahoehoe Beach in Kona. Last is one of my favorite places to paint, a10x20 of the morning glow off the ocean. I've tried to catch this before but this is the closest I've come to capturing it.    

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Fall plein air work

Catching up on posting. Have been busy with the art group, Blue Sea Artisans Gallery, and visitors. Now a quiet period through the holidays. Most of below are 8x10 with a few exceptions.    

Top is an old wooden hut on the grounds of the Kona Historical Society, a newer painting location for us.   

This image of Kahaluu Beach is a panoramic studio piece at 12x24 done from a photo another artist let me use. Dramatic clouds and foreground.

An 8x10 of the resort area at Kukio beach. 

A vie of Energy Lab beach on a wavy day. 

Old airport view of another wavy day with a few folks in the water.

Surfers at Pine Trees Beach north of town.

Beach 69 view north toward the rocks and dead trees. Seems more and more tree pieces are residing there every year. The two "dancing trees" against the rocks haven't changed in a while.  

Another studio piece at 11x14 of the Hale at Honokohau Beach park.

Strong lighting on the rocks and grass at Kaloko Ponds but I should have stook perpendicular to the sun and not had it behind me to get a better feeling of the light and shadows.

Misty day at Magic Sands on a day with huge waves crashing and all the rocks on the beach evident. 

Friday, October 6, 2023

Outdoor painting has been productive lately as weather has been great. Below are works from the past several weeks. The rectangular are mainly 8x10 with the longer one 6x12, and the upright on 9x12. Top is Kahaluu from inside the pavilion. Below that is Hapuna Beach.

The is Honokohau Harbor Beach and was purchased by a customer who watched me paint it. 

Magic Sands beach is a popular spot and people lover to buy the paintings it seems. This is in the Blue Sea Artisans Gallery now. 

Below is a scene of a traditional Hawaiian sailing vessel at sunset.

Beach 69 north of Kona is a very scenic place so I did a vertical study of the scene.

Kuna Bay is usually crowded and full of blue umbrellas so I included a few. 

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Latest Work

 Have been busy with the art group lately but still out painting with them most Fridays. Taking over from Richard after his sudden passing this spring has taken some time but scheduling is now routine and at the paint outs I'm now the one to herd everyone together for our critique at the end of the session, then photo the work, and edit and post the results on Facebook. 

Here are some of my latest efforts. I've been getting very colorful lately, maybe the summer sun? Although we have had cloudy mornings too that needed the colors faked a little to prevent dull scenes. 

Top is Keahou Bay, my favorite swimming spot. some small sailboats were there for lessons. 

Pahoehoe Beach is always one of our favorite scenes and here I caught the parasailer in the distance.

This is a studio work of 3 panels, total 12x27, of Kahaluu beach. I had a frame this size so needed a work to fill it. 

Another view of Kahaluu beach from the pavilion facing north.  

We only get to Hapuna Beach once in a while as it's 35 miles north of Kona so our farthest location. The water pipes are out at the beach but that doesn't seem to prevent tourists from flocking there with their beach umbrellas. 

We painted for the first time at the Kona Historical Society. I tried to capture the oldest rock wall with the gate intact, and then the next older building behind that. 

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Weekly 8x10's

 Have been painting weekly at the various beached since took over a leader of the Painting Out There group. Sticking to 8x10's lately as need some more stock for the Blue Sea Artisans Gallery. 

These are from top to bottom: Hookena Beach, Kukio Beach with Maui view, Honokohau Harbor Beach, Honl's Beach with a parasailer, and Beach 69. I seem to be nailing most of my recent works so they will be in the gallery soon.